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Delaware is a biologically diverse state with hardwood forests, swamps and coastal marshes that support over 400 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Despite significant strides in conservation, much of the wildlife habitat in Delaware remains isolated, degraded and unprotected as more land is converted to urban, commercial and industrial uses.

Over 80 percent of the available and/or restorable wildlife habitat in Delaware occurs on private lands. The future of Delaware's wildlife and habitat resources hinges on finding cooperative solutions with Delaware's private landowners to restore and enhance wildlife habitat on their properties.

Realizing this, the Delaware Chapter of Quality Deer Management in cooperation with State and Federal agencies reorganize it must devote its energy to assisting private landowners improve and protect their lands for wildlife. The Chapter is dedicated to informing landowners about available programs, providing technical assistance in developing habitat projects and securing financial assistance through its partners to incentivize landowner participation.

In order to properly care for the trees on your property, it is important to develop a plan for achieving your objectives, whether your goal is wood production, wildlife habitat, recreation, or a combination of all of these. The Delaware Chapter of QDMA can help you develop a customized management options for your woodlot that will outline the activities needed to reach your goals.